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Does Your Domain Name Really Matter?

A domain name is the start of your online business or blog. It’s more then a name, it’s a whole way to market your product or business. If you start off with the wrong domain name then you might be doomed from the beginning.

An article I found online gave me the inside scoop for the do’s and don’t’s for creating a domain name. Keeping the name short and simple is key because the longer a domain is, the more likely potential website visitors will forget it. Always make it a .com because that’s the most common type of domain. Again, you don’t want people second guessing themselves when they’re typing your website in the browser. Most people will pick the option .com and if your site is otherwise, it can easily go unseen. In addition to keeping it simple and short, don’t try to make it funny or too clever. Chances are it could sound weird or be typed wrongly in the browser.

Some website users will put a hyphen or number in order to make a longer domain name shorter; this is a bad idea. By using either your allowing the search engine optimization to decrease as well as more confusion with competitors. Keep in mind when you give out a business card the receiver is assuming that your website is similar enough to your company that they won’t be unsure of what it is. As an owner of a domain you need to make sure that their assumptions are correct. If you’re looking for more information about domain names check out the article online.


By: Jennifer Fink 






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