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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I would like to meet you before I sign up, is this possible to have a face to face meeting?

A. Yes it is. If you are located in the Delaware Valley, we can either come to you, or your can come to our Haddonfield NJ or West Chester PA office.

Q. How long does it take for somebody to get back to me if I have a question?

A. If you have a question M-F you should be able to get us on the phone or skype. If you have to email us, we answer all emails in 1 hour or less. If your question is on a weekend, please call (856) 701 2443 and ask for Len.

Q. Do You Offer A Guarantee on rankings or success? What about if we are not happy do I get my money back?

A. No, we cannot guarantee rankings or success online. There is no company that can guarantee this and if they do, take our advice and do not work with them. Do you get your money back? We have never been asked this and we hope we never do, but our answer is no. However, if you are just totally unhappy, and find this to be a miserable experience, we will remove you from your contract obligation. You will still be responsible for hosting charges and any website design charges that you may have incurred.

Q. What is the part of my campaign that costs the most? 

A. Project Management Time. This is the single most overlooked aspect of SEO and is the most valuable component of your campaign. The Google algorithm changes, and it actually changes quite frequently. In order to keep your site ranking, or to have your brand optimized on sites that are rankings, our project managers are constantly updating and monitoring your account. If for some reason your account falls back or your loose rankings due to an algorithm change, our project managers will need to dedicate days or even weeks to get your account back in line.