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If Your Site Is Not Mobile or Responsive You Are Losing Business Today



Just got done looking at the latest Pew data on US Smartphones. So on June 5th, the Pew Internet & American life project released new survey data stating that 56% of all US adults now have smartphones. PEW goes on to report that the majority of smartphone users are under 60, and are higher income consumers. They pointed out that the 87% of the consumers who are in the 30-49 age category making $75,000 + own a smart phone. Think Parent, Home Owner, Small Business Owner, Person in need of pest control, swimming lessons for kids, auto repair, divorce lawyer, home contractor (we can go on here)

So let me summarize this for you. If you are a small business in South Jersey or Philadelphia and you have a website and it is not either responsive or has a mobile version, you are now starting to loose potential clients.

Yes I said now.

Need proof? Let’s go to your Google analytics account, (if you do not have one, they are easy to set up, call me we will install it for free for you) Once there, please do the following

- Look at the audience tab

- click the mobile link

- Click Devices

Evidence #1: What you will see is the exact devices that were used to find your site. (tracked are moblie and tablet). Look on the upper right hand side of the page, see where you can pick the date?

Just set the date for say Jan 2013 to current. You will without question see a consistent rise in mobile traffic to you site. While the number one thing you are looking for is how many people are using mobile/tablet devices, you are also looking for exact data on how people with mobile devices are looking at your site.

Evidence #2: Look all the way over to the right hand side, see the bounce rate? That is the number of people who are leaving your site right after they find it, are they leaving because you did not produce an answer to their search right away or is your site hard to navigate on their phone or tablet.

If you see an increase in mobile traffic, (which over 90% of you will) and if you see a consistent bounce rate of over 70%, it is without question time to upgrade your site to a mobile or responsive site.

Trust me, over 60% of your competition has not made this switch yet, get ahead of them.


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