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Marketing Your Law Firm – 101 Online Basics


Many law firms feel that marketing is a dirty word, but in actual fact marketing your firm is one of the best things that you can do to increase your exposure and generate new business. Marketing isn’t only about advertising, but involved a larger holistic campaign that ensures that your name will reach those who need to hear it the most, your potential clients. A large part of marketing has moved into the internet as many users move from print to cyberspace for their information need, and this new expanded market can be tapped by firms that are willing to put some extra effort into their online marketing.

The increase in online traffic means that the firm’s website is now the primary place that potential clients will go to when they’re doing research about what sort of law firm they need. Family law is unique in that it is one of the broadest fields of law practised, with many niche areas, which can results in potential clients looking for answers before they even know what questions they should be asking. This means that having a website that is filled with accessible and informative content can drive new business and be a powerful tool for your business, while informing potential clients if you are a good fit for them and if you can give them what they need.

SEO optimization

No matter how well designed and snazzy your website is, if people can’t search for it, or if it is low on the list of hits that is generated after a search, it won’t have the impact that it should have, as most people won’t see it. Most potential clients will search for family lawyers through their family and contracts, or through Google. While you can control your references by providing excellent service, you can also control where your page appears on Google by using a technique called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO uses keywords to ensure that your page is on top of any search for family law or whatever key word you require. Research has shown that appearing on the first page of a search is essential for generating a steady flow of new clients. A good SEO consulting agency will ensure that your website appears consistently at the top of the search for a keyword, such as “family law” or “divorce lawyer” or whatever your heart desires. Our team of SEO experts has assisted numerous organizations in optimising their website content for the best possible position on a large variety of search engine platforms, and we have developed a four step process that will guarantee results.

Website design

With the larger amount of traffic that you’ll get with your SEO optimization campaign, it’s wise to consider the design of your website. A poorly designed website will look cheap and will turn away potential clients. Having a clean, legible design means that users will find what they need quickly and easily and will not turn away in frustration. The longer a user stays on a website, the more likely it is that they will use your services. If you provide great content on your website relating to family law, you will find that your potential clients will be more informed as to what they need. Our team of website designers will make sure that your website has great impact value while still maintaining a clean, usable interface that will guarantee that users will spend more time on the website, and consequently will be more likely to make use of your services.


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