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Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing – What You Need To Know


The internet and the industry are awash with website statistics, a veritable sea of data attesting to the power of inbound marketing and the necessity of a web presence. In 2011 alone, website influenced sales produced a revenue of $1.1 trillion. Businesses with an active blog receive 55% more traffic. We all know the facts and figures about the value of a web presence, but perhaps few of us know the facts and figures that prevent businesses from realizing their marketing goals. For instance, an incredible 93% of small businesses do not have mobile compatible websites despite more than half the population of America now owning a smartphone. For a personal injury law firm, presence means nothing. Good website design is everything.

The Big Picture for Personal Injury


The digital market for personal injury law practices is perhaps the most competitive market online. The demand for services coupled with a massive return on investment for successful marketing campaigns means that PI firms have to fight harder than most for traffic, and this will almost always mean hiring the services of a design company that specializes in SEO. One of the greatest barriers companies have is the lack of a clear online marketing strategy that works from the ground up – from a well designed page to SEO and ongoing analysis and optimization with tangible goals that yield tangible results.

The Good News for Personal Injury

Despite the competition, many sites that do receive traffic sell themselves short. According to research from PR Newswire, 75% of sites lack an email link on their landing page, 60% lack a phone number and 66% lack a contact form. While it’s true that a website without SEO is akin to a shop without footfall, a site with traffic that lacks these essential ingredients is akin to a shop without a front door. These statistics are not merely general examples of poor design, but specific examples of how to kill a PI site dead.

Clients who seek out a law firm website will have urgent matters to discuss, will want to discuss them as soon as possible, and will want to do so with someone who is both accessible and trustworthy. There are three basic elements of style for a PI website: immediate and prominent contact information, access to staff biographies that humanize the firm and the practice, and a clean and crisp navigation uncluttered by numerous demands on attention.

A Case in Point

Our work with a PI firm in Philadelphia demonstrates the power of strategic SEO when combined with excellent web design. Knowing the importance of strategy and being able to unify web design, the preferences of your clients and SEO tools and techniques creates a powerful overall marketing campaign. Successfully driving visitors to the website and then keeping them there by providing accurate information, short loading times and ease of navigation meant that we significantly decreased bounce rate and increased both visit duration and the percentage of new visitors. We also achieved two 1st place rankings on Google within a few short months.

Scalable Services, Measurable Results

Rank Me SEO is a specialist company providing a host of digital marketing solutions ideal for a law firm or attorney. A broad and inclusive understanding of the field enables our staff to deliver solutions that meet the unique demands of your company.. Our award winning SEO campaigns provide our clients with everything from a dedicated project manager to responsive web design, blog campaigns to reputation management, at a price designed to protect your businesses bottom line while providing measurable results and a guaranteed return on investment.

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