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Internet Marketing – Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing – How To Obtain More Leads

When we are contacted for a search engine marketing campaign, a common question we hear is, “After we rank for the right keywords how will we obtain new leads?” For some industries, the, “call now” model works, for other industries, it will take a little more time before the visitor makes contact.  This is where we discuss an inbound marketing strategy.” Inbound Marketing involves creating and providing valuable content for your potential clients, promoting your remarkable content, building client relationships, and overall ‘pulling’ the client toward your services. Inbound Marketing strategies create brand awareness, improve Search Engine Optimization, create thought leadership, develop valuable customer relationships, establish credibility, and build trustworthy reputations.

When visitors arrives at your website, they will fall into one of the following categories.

The Awareness stage – The visitor understands that they need your help.

The consideration stage – The visitor identifies their problem and is currently researching solutions

The Intent Stage – The visitor or now potential client is now narrowing the list of companies they want to work with

The Decision Stage – The potential client has chosen your company to help solve their problem and they are ready to contact you

While the last stage is the stage every website owner wants the visitor be at, the reality is most are not. With that said, Rank Me SEO can develop an inbound marketing campaign for every service you provide. Your service landing pages need to be unique and each of the pages need to have specific call to action prompts.

Lets say an attorney contacted us and was in need of an inbound marketing campaign, here is one example of how our team would create the pages.

“Recently injured at work and you are just here to gather information?” – Our call to action would be a prompt to join the firms weekly workman’s comp email list.

“Ready to file for divorce, but you want to know the process first?” – Our call to action would be a downloadable PDF that has a divorce checklist they can review.

“You have been to our site before and you liked the medical malpractice fact and fiction series of emails the firm’s marketing department sent, however, you need just a little more information before you choose us?” – Our call to action would be case studies on past clients who were in a similar situation and how your law firm helped solve their problem.

“You are ready to call us, you want to hire us, you are 99% of the way there.” Our call to action would be testimonials on the contact page.

This is all part of an inbound marketing campaign. Each inbound marketing campaign that Rank Me SEO develops is based upon hard statistical data that we pull from your analytical platform. Using both organic and paid data, we will identify trends on your site and develop a campaign that is designed to convert the visitor to a client.

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