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The Award Winning Process

The Rank Me SEO process is the allocation of project management hours per campaign and what is needed to stay in step with the consistently changing Google algorithm (the science behind the ranking of websites). While it is impossible for us to predict what Google, Yahoo or bing will do regarding ranking metrics, what we can identify are the core components that are needed to improve your websites chances for ranking on the search engines. Your industry, your location and your level of competition will dictate what components  are needed and the amount of project management hours used to improve your position.


At its fundamental core, local SEO/SEM has, “must have” and “good to have but not mandatory” components. Each campaign that Rank Me SEO creates has a different combination of those components. While there are variables for each and every campaign we run, our packages are designed to built on what we consider to be the foundation for local online success in 2014.

Your industry, location(s) and budget will help you decide which of the Rank Me SEO packages is best suited to fit your company’s online marketing needs.

​The current local SEO components are as follows:

Must Have’s 

The Good To Have’s But Not Mandatory (Strongly Recommended By The Rank Me SEO Team)




Identifying your intimidate needs is the first step.