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Social Media Marketing
Your Customers Are Talking….Are You Listening?

It is crazy to think that just 10 years ago Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were nonexistent. Now in 2013, those sites are an integral part of any successful marketing plan. However, we frequently come across companies both big and small that still think these platforms do not matter or that the sites are not relevant to their industry. The truth of the matter is that if you are going to survive online, you need to drop this thought process. Not only are existing and potential customers using social media to talk to each other about your business, but they are using social media to refer business to their friends and family.

Our Process

Our process starts with both our client and Rank Me SEO working as a team to determine a reason for potential or existing customers, to “Follow or Like” you. What can you offer, what will help the average person who is on Facebook or Twitter? Are you their favorite restaurant? Are you the company they call to get their heater fixed? Can your law firm offer them tips for staying out of bankruptcy?

After we identify your potential and existing client base, we will then look at what sort of content is best to market to them. We will analyze whether we feel you need to address weekly specials, provide monthly company updates or create blog posts or videos that answer specific questions. ‚Äč

It is important to remember that people share good content and when good content gets shared, your audience grows…

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