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Twitter vs. Facebook

Social media is everywhere these days and it comes in so many forms. There’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube and more. Today I’m going to focus this post on Facebook and Twitter, more importantly why I prefer Twitter instead of Facebook. Don’t get me wrong Facebook always has and always will be a favorite pastime but I personally think Twitter will survive in the social media world for much longer.


With Twitter the messages are short and sweet and to the point. Twitter only allows you to write 140 characters to share whatever it is you want. Facebook, on the other hand, is endless. Although some may argue that they have a lot more to say than 140 characters, the truth is no one wants to see more than that. Coming from a business perspective and knowing that you want to draw people in instead of sharing the whole story upfront, that is one of the main reasons why Twitter communicates better. A business can still share a photo, video and/or link on a tweet as well. Facebook shouldn’t be used to write paragraphs and paragraphs about something; that is what Tumblr and other blog-like platforms are for.
Hashtags are a beautiful thing. Hashtags allow users to participate in discussions that just involve the topic that has the (#) before it. If you’re doing research for something at work and send out a tweet with a hashtag you could then look at what other people are saying about that topic. Another great thing about Twitter is there is no obligation. On Facebook when you friend someone it’s mutual and even if you don’t care to see what they post it will come up in your news feed. With Twitter if someone follows you and you don’t care to see what they have to say then just don’t follow them back. Sometimes with a small business you’ll get many followers but you might not want to see what everyone else is saying unless it pertains to your business.
Facebook subconsciously, but not so subconsciously, puts ads out there to make you think about a brand or game. Anyone who has ever gotten a candy crush invitation knows exactly what I’m talking about. On Twitter there are no ads, games or promotions being shoved in your face as you check your newsfeed. Facebook asks about a lot of personal information as well, such as: marital status, where you live now, where you’re originally from, your high school and college, where you work, your birthday and more. Twitter doesn’t ask for anything except for your name. You have a choice to put personal information but it’s not so pushy like Facebook is, therefore, you just put out the information that you want the world to see.
Overall both social media sites are great for getting your thoughts, ideas and business out there. If you’re not sure which one to choose do both because most people have both so it never hurts to show the same message twice. Any successful small business knows that in order to engage their clientele and promote their specialities they will need to get on the social media bandwagon.

By Jennifer Fink


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