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Website Hosting – A 101 to get you up to speed

CommexisWebsite hosting is an integral part of any site and to the success of any sites ability to drive traffic. The hosting platform is where the website resides on a server, and accessed by the system administrator. While each site has its own partition within the hosting platform, it is common to have this type of shared hosting since all the development and server responsibility is maintained by the hosting provider. On a shared hosting platform all users have a certain limit on the amount of services they receive, including limits on disk space, traffic, and emails. However, all the performance resources that are located on the server are shared. A shared hosting platform can be beneficial as all the maintenance on the server is performed by the hosting provider, essentially keeping expenditures at a minimum.

If shared hosting doesn’t seem to fit the needs of the site, there exists other types of hosting for consideration when searching for the right platform that fits the needs of the site. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) essentially operates with the same level and functionality as a dedicated server. While a VPS operates on its own copy of the operating system, the hardware resources are shared across other servers, making resources and performance much less than a dedicated server. However, with a Dedicated Server, clients can lease an entire server that isn’t shared with anyone else, thus hosting a site separate from other servers. With this type of hosting, the entire site sits in the server platform, giving clients full control over the type of operating system, hardware, and performance needed for that site.

The type of hosting that will work best for any website being developed depends on the size and purpose of the site. If the site is small with minimal responsive features and themes, a simple shared hosting will work best. It is always important to consider the time and money needed to maintain the hosting servers. If time and money are low, then a shared server will benefit greatly, as all server maintenance is serviced by the provider. With a larger site that needs increased responsiveness, many themes, and lots of resources allocated to maintain the site, a VPS or Dedicated Server will benefit greatly. Both VPS and Dedicated servers give developers complete access to control the amount of resources allocated to the site. Be sure that there is time and money allocated to maintain these hosting platforms, as the sole developer creating the site is responsible for maintaining both VPS and Dedicated Servers within the hosting platform.

Driving traffic to any site is important to the success of the site and necessary to drive results and profits to any site. Since web traffic is important, SEO Hosting becomes an integral part of any site design. SEO is what drives traffic and profits to the site. With a good SEO hosting platform, any site is capable of increasing its rankings with the most popular search engines like Google and Bing. With a good SEO hosting company skilled at online marketing, any site is capable of successfully driving traffic. Without the use of a SEO Hosting platform, it becomes virtually impossible to make it in a larger market.


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