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Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

Facebook and Twitter are both great social media platforms but these days you need more. LinkedIn is a semi-new social media site that has really taken off. If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn or have one and are unsure of how to use it, then this post is for you. Currently 20 million people are on LinkedIn and you should definitely be one of them.

LinkedIn is the site for networking; you can join as many groups and discussions as you want and see what other people have to say about topics you’re interested in. Furthermore, LinkedIn is your online resume. You can go into detail of your work achievements, job positions and colleagues and clients can leave public recommendations. Essentially your LinkedIn profile allows you to brand yourself. You can choose what you want it to say about your accomplishments and how you will be perceived.

You can job hunt and have companies contact you through recruiters or personal reach outs. LinkedIn allows you to have first, second and third connections (and more), so if there is someone you want to reach out to that’s a third connection (basically a friend of a friend of a friend) you can easily get in touch with them by messaging them or by messaging your personal contact (your friend) to introduce you to them.

LinkedIn allows you to stay current and up to date on what’s going on in the world. The future is technology and social media and having a LinkedIn account allows you to have easy access to see what’s new, old and ever changing. There is so much LinkedIn has to offer and there’s even more that you can offer it.


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